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About Dr. Vaishalli Equipped with 27 years of professional experience, Dr. Vaishalli has several accomplishments to her name. With her solutionoriented and most importantly, organic approach, she has not only healed but also enriched numerous lives on this big blue marble. According to Dr. Vaishalli, learning is a lifetime phenomenon; ‘ceasing to learn is ceasing to grow’. Therefore, the golden feathers of qualifications that she has added to her hat are myriad.


This book is about some tried & tested solutions at my clinic which are natural and can be practiced daily. Most of them are DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques and for some you need to see the subject expert. This book is for millions of people who go through minor and major emotional upheavals and trying to find solutions. As it is a complete, holistic approach, you can use them even if you have no support from your family or loved ones. There are different solutions given. It is just like a buffet served on the table. You can pick and choose a solution whichever resonates with you. Just get started and make it a part of your lifestyle. I say this because it is a very natural and healthy approach.

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